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Report staff's inappropriate behaviors or illegal conducts

Report staff's inappropriate behaviors or illegal conducts

Taiwan Business Bank Notification under Personal Data Protection Act
Dear Customer,
Thank you for providing your precious opinion on the website of Taiwan Business Bank (hereinafter referred to as "the Bank"). In order to comply with Article 8 (1) of the Personal Data Protection Act, we hereby inform you of the following information upon collection of your personal data. Please read carefully. The whistle-blowing mailbox of the Bank is limited to the collection, processing and use of your personal data within the necessary scope for handling whistle-blowing cases. In order to protect your legitimate rights and interests, please be sure to read the following items carefully: The Bank collects, processes and utilizes personal data (identification of individuals: including name, ID number, e-mail, address, telephone number) in electronic or paper form within the scope of the purpose of handling reported cases. The period for the use of personal data is five years from the completion of the investigation of the reported case, but if the law provides for a longer period, the longer period shall prevail. If there is a dispute related to the reported content, the period for the use of personal data shall be extended until the dispute is resolved. The region of use is within the territory of the Republic of China, and the object of use is the Bank or other related agencies (institutions). You can exercise the rights under Article 3 of the Personal Data Protection Act, including the right to make inquiries or to request for reviewing, making copies, supplementing or correcting, stopping collection, processing or utilization, and deletion of your personal data. If you do not agree to provide the above personal data, the Bank will not be able to reply to or deal with your case.