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Sustainable Development Governance

Sustainable Development Governance

Management Strategy

Taiwan Business Bank (TBB) is the only specialized bank dedicated to serving small and medium enterprises in Taiwan. The Bank focuses on "corporate governance, customer relations, employee care, environmental protection, and social engagement" and continues to improve to meet international standards. TBB had started to publish Corporate Social Responsibility Report (CSR Report) since 2012. Through the publication of CSR Report each year, the Bank reports the results of the Bank's CSR implementations in the past year to the public and TBB’s stakeholders to strengthen corporate governance and respond to the expectations and needs of the public and investors. Construct a green finance brand in the minds of the public by realizing sustainable operations.

To provide in-depth disclosure of TBB's actions related to sustainable development issues, enhance the contents and quality of disclosure in the Report, and connect to global sustainability report trends, TBB is going to public first Sustainability Report following the " Rules Governing the Preparation and Filing of Sustainability Reports by TWSE Listed Companies " of Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation as the basis and structure in 2022. The Report will follow the United Nations "Sustainable Development Goals" (SDGs) to portray TBB's CSR ideals and actions and adopt the Core Options published by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), including contents shown in the Content Index. The Bank aims to improve overall business development and maintain its status as a good corporate citizen.

Organization Chart of Sustainable Development Committee

TBB established " Sustainable Development Best Practice Principles " to fulfill the goal of sustainable development by promoting balanced and sustainable development of the economy, society, environment, and ecology. The Principles are implemented after the approval of the Board of Directors for all employees of the Bank to follow and to manage TBB's environmental, social and economy risks.

The charter of Sustainable Development Committee was promulgated on December 15, 2021. There are currently 5 members. Except for the Chairman and the President undertaking posts of committee chairman the mandatory member, respectively, the remaining 3 members are Independent Directors.

To ensure the implementation of sustainable development policies, the Committee sets up six work groups which focus on corporate governance, customer interests, sustainable finance, sustainable environment, social welfare, and employee care respectively. And the General Manager of Business Development Department serve as the executive secretary of the committee.

TBB will focus on its core competencies in finance, implement sustainable development within its business scope, and implement all annual sustainable development targets from top to bottom.

Sustainability Report
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