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Financial Inclusion Commitment

Financial Inclusion Commitment

Taiwan Business Bank supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Secretary-General's Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development. We respond actively to the Financial Supervisory Commission's inclusive finance policies, serving underserved populations. We strive to meet the financial needs of all individuals and businesses by providing convenient and affordable high-quality financial services. Our ultimate goal is to realize the vision of inclusive finance.

Our Financial Inclusion Commitment is as follows:

  • Innovate and expand the range of financial services available to underserved groups while tailoring delivery methods base on the feedback and needs from clients, market research, or customer preferences.
  • Dedicated to promoting the financial well-being of underserved groups, enhancing financial literacy, fostering financial knowledge dissemination, and providing non-financial support to improve their financial well-being.
  • Establish procedures to prevent the targeted groups from falling into over indebtedness.
  • Create a friendly financial environment to safeguard the financial and economic capabilities of customers of all types.
  • Implement complaint mechanisms easily accessible to financial inclusion clients.
  • Organize annual staff training sessions to prevent aggressive sales techniques and disrespectful treatment to the customers.
  • Engage in partnerships with third parties to expand the reach and develop the inclusive finance market.
  • Establish a "Sustainable Development Committee" under the Board of Directors, which oversees financial inclusion, and is responsible for proposing and implementing sustainable development policies, systems, management guidelines, and specific promotion plans, providing annual reports to the Board of Directors on the progress and effectiveness of the implementation.