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Human Rights Assessment at Business Premises

Human Rights Assessment at Business Premises

Taiwan Business Bank's Human Rights Policy

Taiwan Business Bank and subsidiaries (hereinafter as the Bank), strictly comply with local laws and regulations implementing to the bank's branches and offices around the globe, including the Labor Standards Act and the Act of Gender Equality in Employment of R.O.C. The Bank is committed to and supports the values and fundamental principles of human rights protections from internationally accepted standards, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Global Compact and International Labour Organization. For the purpose of implementing such principles above-mentioned and undertaking the responsibility to protect fundamental human rights, the Bank hereby enacts this policy to comply with. The scope of this policy applies to the global operations of the Bank and subsidiaries, including but not limited to full-time and contracted third-party workers, and we expect mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, suppliers and other business partners to abide by this policy.

In accordance with the characteristics of the financial industry and the Bank's operation strategies, the following concerns are heavily weighted by the Bank for implementing fundamental human rights protection of employees, customers, stakeholders and fulfilling the Bank's corporate social responsibility.

1.Protection of Human Rights in the Working Environment

The Bank is dedicated to creating a diverse, open, equal, and harassment-free working environment, and does not allow any violations of human rights, such as child labor, forced labor, working overtime, human trafficking, etc. Any form of discrimination and unequal treatment is strictly prohibited including but not limited to gender, sexual orientation, race, societal hierarchy, age, marital status, language, thought, orthodoxy, belief, religion, political preference, originality, appearance, physical/mental handicap, constellation and blood type or union membership. The Bank commit that employees will not be treated differently by gender, race, age, marital and family status, etc., and will implement equality in remuneration, employment conditions, training and promotion opportunities, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees.

In addition, the Bank provides various and secured ways to lodge compliant against discriminations in that protecting employees' rights.

2.A Safe and Healthy Working Environment
The Bank complies labor laws and regulations, regulating working hours and extension of working hours. The Code of Practice for Occupational Safety and Health are in place. The Occupational Safety and Health Committee is instituted to oversee the ongoing improvement of safety and health conditions in working environment, making efforts in reducing Safety and Health risks arising from professions.
3.Supporting Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining
The Bank respects its employees to form up or to join in any types of association permitted by laws and regulations. In order to protect the rights and interests of both employers and employees, the Bank maintains smooth communication with employees through various means, including but not limited to labor union, collective bargaining agreements, and regular labor-management meetings so as to protect and enhance the rights and interests of employees, and strive to promote harmonious labor-management relations.
4.Cybersecurity and Personal Data Protection
The Bank institutes an intact and high-standard controlling mechanism and protection measurements for protection of all customers, employees and stakeholders' personal data, privacy and data security.

Not only the Bank strives to fulfill its corporate social responsibility and the human rights policy, but also collaborating with all business partners to concentrate on the identification of risks of violation relating to human rights, reducing potential impacts caused from violations thus offering employees a safer working environment.

Protection of Human Rights
The Bank continues to follow international human rights issues. The Bank also sets a human rights policy while promoting human rights training for employees on an ongoing basis. The number of sites with human rights mitigation plans including those in the head office, 125 domestic branches and 9 overseas units.
Human rights policy
01 Human rights due diligence 02 Human rights risk assessment and improvement 03 Human rights awareness and training
TBB continues to follow international human rights issues. Human rights due diligence is performed to investigate and identify human rights risks in TBB's operations, value chain, and new business relationships (such as mergers and joint ventures) in order to eliminate potential human rights impact. Mitigating measures and improvements are devised for identified major human rights risks, and make compensation for risks that cannot be completely eliminated. TBB continues to promote human rights training for employees to raise human rights awareness and help employees understand their own rights as well as grievance channels and remedies.
Specific management programs of Human rights policy
Human rights policy Specific management programs
Protection of human rights in the workplace Tolerance and gender equality in workplace
  • In 2022, TBB had 5,424 employees in total. Among full-time employees, males accounted for 44.80% while females accounted for 55.20%. Managers accounted for 19.43%, and 46.30% of them were female managers. It is clear that TBB does not have sex discrimination against females and provides a fair playing field in the work place. The Bank sets the target for any gender at 40% - 60% to ensure gender equality.
  • TBB has a minimum salary (base salary) in place. Employee salaries are determined according to the Taiwan Business Bank Employee Salary Payment Guidelines. Employees on the same pay grade will receive the same salary, which does not differ by gender.
  • Contracted with several kindergartens to provide preferential childcare services to our employees, and set up a breastfeeding room at our Head Office to create a friendly workplace environment.
  • 1,304 family care leaves were approved in 2022, adding up to a total of 2,195.75 days. Among them, there are 864 cases with a total of 1,503.875 days for female employees, and 440 cases with a total of 691.875 days for male employees, and according to the gender ratio of approved days, 68.49% are female and 31.51% are male.
  • In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in cooperation with the competent authority’s disease control measures, TBB allows employees to apply for extension of the marriage leave deadline.
Prevention of sexual harassment and zero tolerance for discrimination
  • Sexual harassment prevention flyers, posters, or internal guidelines are posted in clearly visible places in the offices and through internal channels in order to raise awareness in the workplace and promote prevention.
  • Implemented the Anti-discrimination and Anti-harassment Policy.
  • Created an employee grievance channel and advertise the grievance procedure. Please see "Employee Complaint Mechanism" for more details.
Prohibit forced labor and adhere strictly to local governments' labor laws
  • Enforce the leave system and encourage employees to maintain a work-life balance.
  • Prior approval is required before working overtime. Overtime pay and leave in lieu is provided as required by law.
Include human rights clauses in supplier contracts and enforce onsite audits Please see "Prevention and Mitigation of Direct Impact of Occupational Health and Safety Issues on Business Activities" for more details.
Provide a safe work environment
  • Following the TBB Prevention of Illegal Infringement at Work Plan, TBB issued a memo to all units in October to ask them to conduct the assessment and inspection under the Prevention of Illegal Infringement at Work Plan for 2022. In addition, communication training, an e-learning course "Hazard Prevention and Communication Training", was arranged to strengthen the Bank's preventive measures against illegal infringement at work.
  • Please see 6.6.3 “Occupational Health and Safety Risks” and 6.6.6 “Protective Measures for the Safety of the Work Environment and Personal Safety of Employees” for more details.
Support the freedom of association and collective bargaining
  • Employee participation in the TBB Union is 100%. Therefore, all TBB employees are protected by the terms of the collective bargaining agreement.
  • The collective agreement was renewed for the 3rd time on December 15, 2022 for a win-win situation between the employer and the employees.
  • TBB convenes at least 4 labor-management meetings each year as well as negotiation meetings from time to time to fully communicate on issues related to employees’ interests or benefits. The measures are implemented in accordance with the resolutions of the meetings and the implementation status has been good.
Protection of personal information and cybersecurity Privacy protection
  • Organize personal data protection training and awareness campaigns every year.
  • Conduct information security exercises, vulnerability scans and other cybersecurity protection measures every year.

In addition, TBB continues to conduct human rights training, including the Personal Data Protection Act, ethical management training, theories, and practices of Fair Customer Treatment Principles in the banking sector, and general health and safety training for employees. In 2022, human rights training was completed 16,788 person-times and took a total of 35,226 hours. Furthermore, a onehour gender equality course was introduced into basic training for new hires in 2019.

Prevention of harassment and prohibition of discrimination

To ensure gender equality in opportunity and create a friendly workplace and service that prevents discrimination and harassment of any form, TBB has complies with relevant laws and adopted a zero-tolerance approach to ensure that employees are treated with respect, fairness, and equality in the workplace and service environment, and are protected from discrimination and harassment. The Bank has established the Anti-discrimination and Anti-harassment Policy and the Guidelines for Measures of Prevention, Complaint, and Punishment of Sexual Harassment to ensure employees receive respect and reasonable and equal treatment. Related information should be posted and disclosed in clearly visible places in the offices.

If TBB employees discover or experience incidents of discrimination or harassment in the workplace, they may report them through the following channels, either in writing or verbally:

  • Individual service units.
  • Reporting hotline: 02-25508628
  • Dedicated fax for reporting: 02-25591130
  • Reporting email:

After receiving a report, the Bank's Human Resources Department will conduct a thorough review and investigation in accordance with internal procedures. The whistleblower should provide specific facts, relevant information, and documents for the report. Unless otherwise required by laws, relevant personnel in the Bank conducting investigations into discrimination or harassment incidents, including any third parties commissioned to conduct the investigation, shall ensure the confidentiality of the personal data and privacy of whistleblowers and those involved in the investigation. Adequate protective measures shall be taken in accordance with the law, and any form of retaliation or unfair treatment is strictly prohibited.

TBB periodically promotes the concept of preventing discrimination and harassment to all employees through educational training or other channels. If discrimination or harassment is substantiated, apart from taking appropriate measures to rectify the violation, the Bank may impose disciplinary actions on the offender based on the severity of the situation, such as a warning, demotion, salary reduction, or termination, in accordance with work rules, disciplinary guidelines, and other relevant regulations. If a false accusation is confirmed, the Bank may impose disciplinary actions on the whistleblower based on the severity of the situation. If either party involved in the incident requires counseling, medical assistance, or legal assistance, the Bank may proactively refer them or provide professional counseling, medical institutions, or legal assistance.

In addition, whenever the Bank receives a complaint or becomes aware of sexual violation or harassment within itself, it shall exercise caution and take immediate and effective corrective and remedial action in order to fulfill its duty of preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. For the purpose of handling sexual harassment complaints, the Bank has created the Sexual Harassment Complaint Investigation Committee as required. Investigation of sexual harassment incidents will not be disclosed and will be conducted in an objective, impartial, and professional manner. The committee should keep confidential all information regarding such incidents of which it becomes aware during an investigation. Where the party involved is in need of counseling, medical care, or legal assistance, the Bank may take initiative to make a referral or provide professional counseling, medical institutions, or legal assistance. Inappropriate preferences may not be given to any person involved in making a complaint, filing a lawsuit, reporting an incident, taking legal action, testifying, providing assistance or other behaviors during the complaint, investigation, surveillance, or review procedure for sexual harassment incidents. The Bank will not dismiss, reassign, or take any other unfavorable action based on a complaint filed or assistance provided to another in filing a complaint.

There were 2 sexual harassment complaints in 2022. One was withdrawn and the other was processed and closed. To develop a gender friendly environment, the Bank will continue to raise awareness among employees to pay attention to their own conduct, adhere to social boundaries and workplace etiquette, and respect each other. There was no disciplinary action taken for violation of the Act of Gender Equality in Employment in 2022.

Human Rights Due Diligence

In addition to actively fulfilling its CSR and human rights policy, TBB brings all business partners into the effort to pay more attention to human rights issues and risk identification and reduce potential crisis and impact. Enforcement of programs to protect human rights and follow-up on progress and improvement help create a fairer and safer work environment and raise awareness of international human rights. There was no incident involving violation of human rights in 2022.

Human Rights Due Diligence