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Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property management plan and implementation

TBB actively strengthened the construction of information infrastructure projects, the ability of digital transformation, and promoted the accumulation of intellectual property rights in the intellectual property management plan to support the future development of the Bank.

TBB had submitted its intellectual property management plan and implementation to the Board of Directors on December 15, 2021.

  • Intellectual Property Management Plan

    TBB is committed to financial technology innovation. In addition to integrating resources from various departments, TBB encourages employees to actively innovate, and formulates intellectual property rights plans that integrate the company's operating goals, and emphasizes customer financial service experience and satisfaction.

    In order to enhance the value and profitability of bank products, TBB also protects business confidentiality and research and development results, accumulates intellectual property rights, and enhances the competitiveness of banks.

    • Patent management

      TBB cooperates with various technology research and development in the patent layout. In addition to encouraging patent proposers, TBB also includes employees' performance evaluation as a reference to stimulate various patent proposals. At the same time, TBB hires external patent law firms to assist in reviewing and submitting applications for intellectual property rights cases. Related patents are mainly used for big data analysis, financial Certificate, automation services, etc. During the research and development process, an external patent office will also be entrusted to conduct patent searches to reduce the risk of bank infringement.

    • Trade Secrets Management


      In order to strengthen the management of Trade Secrets, the Bank set up rules in “Working Rules” and “Employment agreement” as follows:


      • Employees should keep confidential do not disclose the Bank’s business secrets and customer information.
      • No employees shall illegal use or disclose any undisclosed information, business secrets and customer information of others known or obtained through the performance of his official duties regardless of performing duties, transferring or after-resignation. If there is a violation that causes the Bank to suffer losses, willing to be dismissed by the Bank and liable for compensation.
      • During the tenure, based on the position or business-related, independent or joint research, development or creation of works as well as derivative works, compilation works or other intellectual property rights (including patent rights) related to duties and business shall regards the Bank as author or patentee. Moreover, employees shall promise that all the creations during the tenure will be independent creation never copy or imitate the works of others. Furthermore, it is not allowed to use pirated software by itself or through others, or copy software on the Bank’s computer without permission. If there is a person who infringes on the copyrights or other intellectual property rights shall be liable for all damages and any expenditures caused by judicial prosecution or warning by a third party.
    • Trademark management
      • Regularly check the trademark registration every year, and entrust a trademark office or conduct the renewal by TBB.
      • To meet the company's business marketing and advertising needs, continue to optimize the CIS to enhance the TBB image.
  • Implementation

    TBB regularly reports its intellectual property management plan to the board of directors in the fourth quarter of each year. The company has been promoting the intellectual property management plan since 2020. The main implementation is as follows:

    • 2023: Drafting the intellectual property plan combined with TBB's operating goals.

    • As of the end of 2023, TBB's intellectual property rights achievements are as follows:
      • Invention patents: 13 approved.
      • New model patents: 32 approved.
      • Trademarks: TBB currently has 65 registered trademarks.

      1. TBB identity CI、HiBank design drawing、BOBE、DELI IC card & graphic、Government-invested banks’credit card alliance & graphic : totally 19 registered trademarks.
      2. Hokii lucky penguin : totally 46 registered trademarks.