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Attestation of Tradable Securities

Attestation of Tradable Securities

Attestation can be used for
  • stocks
  • corporate bonds
  • financial bonds
  • new stock ownership documents
  • proof of payment for stocks
  • beneficiary proofs
Fees and Charges
  • News issuers are charged 0.3% of the total attestation, with a minimum charge of NT$3,000 and a maximum NT$500,000.
  • The changes, re-issuances, mergers or splits are also charged at 0.3% of the amount involved.
Necessary documentation for attestation
  • Authorization letter issued by the directors of the company (a copy must be affixed with the company’s large and small chops)
  • Original authorization letter for establishment of the company, and establishment record card
  • Company articles (with the issuer’s large and small chop)
  • List of shareholders and directors (with the issuer’s large and small chop)
  • Sample of the security (three original copies if not yet issued, five copies if already issued)
  • When increasing capital, the following should also be included:
    • Letter authorizing the capital increase and the record card of capital increases (originals)
    • List of shareholders prior to the capital increase
    • Details of the capital increase or copy of share subscription payment forms
  • Corporate bond attestation should also include Board Minutes of the Board meeting authorizing the capital raising
  • Financial bonds should also include a list of the major places where the financial bonds were issued.
  • Notarization of a beneficiary’s certificate should also include a list of the beneficiary(ies).
  • If the company is established for less than one year, then a list of issuers should also be included.
  • Business units throughout Taiwan will help pass on documentation to us.For details, call (02) 2559-7171 and ask to be transferred to the XXX department of the Trust department
Interested in Attestation of Tradable Securities?
Call Trust Department telephone: (02) 25597171 ext 5432, 5434, 5422