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Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy

Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy

Taiwan Business Bank's Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy
Taiwan Business Bank and subsidiaries (hereinafter as the Bank), to provide a friendly and harmonious working and service environment prohibited any form of discrimination and harassment, as well as strictly abide by relevant laws and adopt the principle of zero tolerance to ensure employees can be treated with due respect, reasonableness and equality in the work and service environment free from discrimination or harassment. For the purpose of implementing such principles above-mentioned, the Bank hereby enacts this policy to comply with. The scope of this policy applies to the global operations of the Bank and subsidiaries, including but not limited to full-time and contracted third-party workers, and we expect mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, suppliers and other business partners to abide by this policy.
Zero-Tolerance for Discrimination
The Bank dedicates to form up a working environment in which is open, equal, multi-cultured. Any form of discrimination and unequal treatment is strictly prohibited including but not limited to gender, sexual orientation, race, societal hierarchy, age, marital status, language, thought, orthodoxy, belief, religion, political preference, originality, appearance, physical/mental handicap, constellation and blood type or union membership. The Bank commit that employees will not be treated differently by gender, race, age, marital and family status, etc., and will implement equality in remuneration, employment conditions, training and promotion opportunities, and protect the legitimate rights and interests of employees. The Bank adopts a zero-tolerance attitude towards any form of discrimination.
Prohibiting Harassment

The Bank promises to provide a workplace environment free from harassment, and prohibits harassment including but not limited to the following forms (refers to inflicting unwelcome behavior on others, making others feel troubled, afraid or offended, and even creating an unfavorable working environment):

  • The person who performs sexual or gender-related acts against another's will, and one of the following circumstances except for sexual assault crimes:
    • Making other's submission to or rejection of the behavior as a condition of his or her acquisition, loss, or impairment of rights and interests related to work, education, training, services, programs, or activities.
    • By displaying or broadcasting text, pictures, sounds, images or other items, or with discriminatory or insulting words and deeds, or otherwise, damaging the human dignity of others, or creating a situation that makes people feel intimidated, hostile or offensive, or improperly influence their work, education, training, services, projects, activities or normal life.
  • Stalking Harassment: Refers to the repeated or continuous conduct against a specific person's will and sexual or gender-related behaviors in the workplace or by using personnel, vehicles, tools, equipment, electronic communications, the Internet or other methods, causing the Frightening enough to affect their daily life or social activities.
  • Others: Harassing others physically, violently, psychologically, or verbally.
Advocacy and Training
The Bank should use internal meetings, emails, electronic bulletins, etc. to advocate and publicize this policy to all employees irregularly, as well as organize relevant training course, including the concept of discrimination and harassment, complaint channels, prevention measures and response methods, and explain the reporting and handling mechanism.
Reporting and Handling

Employees discover or encounter discrimination or harassment in the workplace can submit written or verbal reports through the following complaint channels:

  • Units.
  • Hotline for reporting: 02-25508628
  • Fax for reporting: 02-25591130
  • E-mail for reporting:

After the Bank received the report, the Human Resources Division will conduct in-depth inspection and investigation according to relevant internal procedures. The complainant submits specific facts, relevant information and documents to report, unless otherwise provided by law, the Bank's handles discrimination or harassment related personnel or a third party entrusted with the investigation, shall be kept confidential of the related personal data and privacy of the complainant as well as investigators and take appropriate protective measures in accordance with the law. Any act of retaliation or unfair treatment is strictly prohibited.

Corrective and Remedial Measure
The Bank promotes the concept of discrimination and harassment prevention to all employees irregularly through relevant training course or other channels. For any discriminatory or harassing conduct by an employee that is found substantiated, in addition to taking appropriate measures to correct the violation, the Bank may punish the offender such as warning, demotion, salary reduction, dismissal, etc. according to Working Rules, Rules of Rewards and Punishments and other regulations depending on the seriousness of the circumstances. If it is found unsubstantiated accusation, the Bank may punish the complainant according to the seriousness of the circumstances. If the parties need counseling, medical or legal assistance, etc., the Bank may take the initiative to refer or provide professional counseling, medical institutions or legal assistance.
Public Disclosure
The Bank regularly discloses information such as the number of cases of discrimination, harassment complaints and corrective measures in the corporate sustainability report and other channels.