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Safety Deposit Box Rental

Safety Deposit Box rental


As a service to the wider population and for clients who need to store valuables, the Bank offers many different sizes of safety deposit box. Just come to the Bank and choose a safety deposit box to suit your needs. The procedure is very simple and the cost quite minimal.

  • The Bank’s safety deposit boxes are all housed in vaults made of steel-reinforced concrete, and so are very secure and safe.
  • The vaults are fitted with an anti-theft TV system for safety and security.
  • The Bank has many different sizes of safety deposit box to choose from to suit everybody.
  • All safety deposit box rental locations are conveniently located for traffic.
Safety Deposit Boxes - Hours of operation

Monday ~ Friday: 9am ~ 5pm

If you have any complaints about the Bank’s safety deposit box service, please kindly call our dedicated line: (02) 2559-7171

Ways of renting
  • By rental fee and guarantee deposit.
  • By paying a collateral deposit (in which case there is no need to pay rent and a guarantee deposit).Just choose one of the above options.
How to Apply?
  • Open an account
    If you wish to rent a safety deposit box, please bring along in person your ID and chop, fill out a "Safety Deposit Box Rental Agreement" and "Chop Record", and after paying either the rental fee and cash deposit or the cash collateral, then just collect the key to your box!
  • Box opening
    To open the box bring along the key and your chop, and after completing the “Safety Deposit Box Record,” a member of our staff will open the box with you.
Interested in Safety Deposit Box Rental Service?
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