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Mutual Funds

Domestic and offshore Mutual Funds

  • Multi-channel trading capability
  • Wide investment choice
  • Attentive and personalized service
Multi-channel trading capability
Do it yourself and reap the rewards: you have many ways to manage your wealth by placing trades at the counter, on-line, by voice recorded message, or via the "Easy Planner Account".
Wide investment choice
Choose from over 300 foreign and domestic funds and structured notes denominated in both NTD and foreign currency. No matter whether your asset allocation strategy is conservative, cautious or aggressive, we have funds to suit all your requirements.
Attentive and personalized service
Our financial planning professionals will give you friendly, one-on-one investment advice. After the trades, the Bank will send you a monthly breakdown of your foreign and domestic fund holdings, or you can choose to check your investments at any time on line or via phone banking.
A wealth of up-to-date information
Our fund investment network allows you to monitor the most recent information for each fund, including Net Asset Value (NAV), performance, and market analysis. By accessing the Bank’s internet site and using the “on-line trade” function to trade all the domestic and foreign funds that we offer, you can grasp investment opportunities at any time.
The Bank is already involved in the business of "Defined Purpose Trust Funds investing in domestic and foreign liquid securities" as well as the "Foreign Currency Trust Funds investing in offshore liquid securities". In so doing, we always choose as our partners those foreign and domestic fund houses that enjoy an excellent reputation and show outstanding performance. Those with which we have signed contracts have all been approved by the Securities and Futures Commission or been carefully selected by the Bank. We welcome you to approach the counter in any of our departments or apply for this service either on-line or by telephone.
How It Works?
What is a "Mutual Fund" Trust company specializing in securities investment (including both domestic and offshore securities investment Trust companies), which, in accordance with various laws and regulations, raises money from the public in exchange for share certificates. The funds are invested in instruments as agreed in the Trust deed or offering circular, and which may include domestic and foreign stocks, bonds or other monetary instruments, etc. Responsibility for the profit or loss in such investment is borne by the investor.
Advantages of investing in domestic and offshore mutual funds
Legally entirely tax-free
According to the current tax law of the Republic of China, capital gains and interest derived from investing in offshore funds are entirely tax-free, so giving you a totally legal way to reduce your tax bill!
Investment spread reduces risk
Mutual funds are very broad in scale, with funds diversified in several hundred stocks or bonds, and so with a much lower risk than in trading a single stock or bond. Similarly, because they spread the investment across geographies, they are able to avoid the risk of single market fluctuations, and so can be seen as quite a cautious investment vehicle.

Handled by experts, eliminating the hassle of stock-picking yourself
Mutual funds employ specialist fund managers and research analysts, all of whom perform in-depth analyses of countries’ economies and of individual stocks’ performance so that the individual does not have to go the trouble of picking individual stocks.

Excellent liquidity so you can cash out easily
Mutual funds are very liquid - holdings can be redeemed at any time and very easily converted into cash. This is unlike term deposits in banks, which if broken early will receive a deduction in interest payments. Mutual funds do not have this concern.
Before You Apply
Account opening requirements and documentation
Account opening requirement
legal or natural person
(for foreign currency trusts, the applicant must at least 20 years of age).
Account Documentation
  • Legal entity
    proof of company registration, business license registration or other such documentation, the responsible person’s identification and corporate chop.
  • Individuals
    Those able to act on their own accord: personal identification and chop. Those only partially able, or those not able, to act of their accord: personal identification and chop, or legal representative’s personal identification and chop, respectively.
Opening the Bank’s NTD or foreign currency savings account
Investment Method
Depending on their individual financial situation, clients may choose different portfolios based on the following:
  • Method of purchase: lump sum or periodic fixed sum investments
  • Currency of purchase: NTD or foreign currency
Interested in Domestic and offshore Mutual Funds?
Call Trust Department telephone: (02) 25597171 ext 5423, 5461, 5462, 5463, 5466