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Working Environment and Safety Protection Measures

Protective Measures for the Safety of the Work Environment and Personal Safety of the Employees

Items Description
Access Control
  • Rigorous access control monitor system is available during daytime and nighttime.
  • The Bank has signed a contract with the security company regarding nighttime and weekends to protect the safety of the branches.
  • Connect with the police and public security unit as a precaution.
Equipment Inspection and Maintenance
  • According to the requirements under Regulations for Inspecting and Reporting Buildings Public Security, the Bank shall engage professional companies to carry out the security inspection every two to four years.
  • The Bank commissioned professional organizations to inspect the fire safety facilities every year as required by the Fire Services Act.
  • According to the Occupational Safety and Health work rules of the Bank, the maintenance and inspection for motorcycles, air conditioners, vehicles, coin counters, kitchen, hole puncher, and bill counter are carried out per day; the maintenance and inspection for air conditioners, first-aid kit, fire service equipment, and elevators are carried out per month; the maintenance and inspection for vehicles are carried out per season; the maintenance and inspection for high/low voltage electrical equipment are carried out per six months; the maintenance and inspection for motorcycles, fire service equipment, and elevators are carried out per year; and the maintenance and inspection for motorcycles are carried out per three years.
Disaster Prevention and Response Measures
  • The Bank has disaster prevention, rescue notes, and occupational accident reporting procedures in place, including "Disaster Emergency Response Countermeasures Manual", "Management Guidelines for Major Contingencies", "Procedure Guidelines for Security and Grouping of Branches", "Code of Practice for Occupational Safety and Health", "Regulations Governing Occupational Safety and Health", "Workplace Self-inspection Plan" and "Procedure Guidelines for Equipment Maintenance". Such procedures specify the responsibilities and mission for personnel at each level before and after material events of natural disasters and material emergencies of robberies. Anti-robbery drills are performed twice a year at our branches.
  • Except for the organization of the Civil Defense Corps, our head office also engages the competent authority regarding fire services to organize the fire service lectures.
  • To safeguard the security and health of our employees, the Occupational Safety Section subordinates to the Human Resources Department is in place for the promotion of safety and health affairs.
Physical Health
  • Health check and health management: Regular health check is provided for employees, and medical workers present at the branches will offer health guidelines and recommendations to employees who receive abnormal results of the health check.
  • Hygiene of the working environment: Smoking is prohibited at all business premises. The Bank also carries out regular office cleaning and sterilization and sets the 17th of each month as the cleaning day.
  • In order to help voluntary health management of our employees, the Bank organizes health seminars, CPR training, and provides health-related programs on the digital learning website of the Bank for our fellow colleagues to learn new knowledge from the internet and enrich their concepts of health.
  • To provide employees a healthy working environment, the Bank established a health service and stress relief activity center, nursing rooms, and emergency facilities (such as AED and first aid kit), and improved the workplace facilities in due course to improve the safety of the environment and minimize the occurrence of workplace accident.
Mental Health
  • Provide physical and mental relaxation for employees: To help care for the living quality of our employees and relieve their stress from workplace and family, the Bank provides programs of pressure release, family care, emotion control, and encouragement on its digital learning platform for our fellow colleagues to access, adjusting mental health in due course.
  • Prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace: Establish report regulations and punitive terms.
Advice on Hazardous Factors During Operations of Contractors

Setting up the "Advice on hazardous analysis during operations environment of contractors" and "Q&A" in the exclusive zone for the employees of the Bank according to the government regulations.

Insurance and Medical Care Consolation
  • The Bank provides labor insurance (including occupational injury and disease) and health insurance to its employees according to the law, and negotiates with insurance companies to provide casualty insurance, accident medical insurance, and cancer insurance to the Bank's employees and their families at a rate of concession.
  • The Bank offers work-related casualty insurance for all our employees with coverage of NT$3 million. For work-related disability or work-related deaths, the insurance claim will be used to support the employee or its successors.
  • Provide disease subsidies to our clerks, their spouses, and descendants.