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Draft of statement of privacy protection
1.Applicable scope of this statement
This statement applies to all websites built in the name of Taiwan Business Bank.
2.Protection of customers' information
The collection, use and protection of customers' information by website are handled in accordance with "Computer Processed Personal Information Protection Law". To protect the privacy and completeness of customer's information..
3.The exercise of the rights of the parties of personal data
When you use the services of Taiwan Business Bank, you are entitled to query or view their profile, and lets you add or amend outdated personal information, or delete your request, stop processing or use your personal information, but otherwise provided by the Act, unless. Prior to the handling of the claim, Taiwan Business Bank will ask you to prove identity, and indicate to access, amend or delete personal data. Taiwan Business Bank may refuse to deal with excessive repetition, recurrent, require too much technical support, endangering other users privacy, very unrealistic (for example, to obtain information stored in the backup tape) or simply unnecessary inspection requirements. You have to inquire to Taiwan Business Bank, requests for access or request made to the copy of this, and Taiwan Business Bank was legally charge a necessary cost.
4.Profile correctness
Taiwan Business Bank will take reasonable steps to ensure that the processing of personal data correctness, completeness and immediacy, but need to rely on you to update or correct your personal information whenever necessary.
5.Information Security
To enhance the security of data transmission, Taiwan Business Bank uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data confidentiality agreements.
Taiwan Business Bank will take appropriate security measures to prevent personal data being stolen, tampered with, damage, loss or disclosure, and unauthorized system access.
6.The use of Cookie technology
Cookie is a short text data which is transmitted from web server to customer's browser and stored in the hard disk of customer's computer. Taiwan Business Bank use Cookie as a communication and identification tool with customer. Its purposes are to store from time to time the activities conducted or text data inputted by the customer on the web page, and record the personal information and preference of the customer, so as to provide "customized" service or deliver advertisements conforming to the interest and favorite of the customer. If customer does not want to receive Cookie, he/she can close the Cookie function on the browser, but he/she will not be able to use a part of service provided by website of Taiwan Business Bank.
7.Customer self-protection measures
Please keep any of your personal information, passwords, e-vouchers, account number, etc., not to any personal information, especially your password to any other person or institution. Avoid using public computers, computer use, remember to close the browser window to prevent others from reading your personal information or correspondence.
8.Amendment of this statement
To meet social environmental change, business requirement, technology development, and revisal of laws, this statement may be amended and publicized from time to time. Customers are requested to view this statement via Internet from time to time, so as to protect your rights.
9.Consulting this statement
If you exercise for this statement or personal information rights have any questions, please diameter to website ( "Customer Service" message or call 0800-007171.